Love is Magical... Literally Pt3

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*RECAP* Isabel is working in the diner as a waitress when Caleb and Hunter come in. She waits on them and learns that they forgive her for killing their dad, she just hasnt forgiven herself. When they leave, Caleb leaves her a note asking her out to dinner at the Treadway tomorrow night.

Read on to find out if she goes or not!!

Created by: DelTop13

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  1. It was Sunday night and I told my mom i was going out. She didnt make me specify where, and I was thankful for that. I was nervous, though I dont know why. I mean, Caleb is quite good looking with his black hair and yellow-green eyes. But he has a dark side. You just kind of get that feeling around him. There is something off about him. Maybe its bacause he never said anything about me bursting into flames? Maybe I just imagined it, but I dont think I did. It just seemed so real. I thought about bringing it up, but decided not to. I didnt want to seem crazy.
  2. I put on my favorite blue dress. It comes down to just above my knees and the color matches my eyes exactly. I looked in the mirror. I had to admit, I did look stunning. My strawberry blonde hair was curled into perfect ringlets and fell down past my shoulders and the dress highlighted my blue-grey eyes. I didnt wear any make-up. I dont think I needed it. I stopped myself. Why am I getting all dressed up? This isnt even like a real date. But I still wanted to look my best. Deep down inside, I did want to impress Caleb. Maybe I did like him. But I barely knew him. But something about him made me curious. I guess that is why I was going to have dinner with him tonight. To find out more about him.
  3. I climbed into my car and pulled out of the driveway. It was only like a 20 minute drive to the Treadway, but it seemed like forever. That happens when your nervous and excited. When I finally got there, I climbed out of my car and walked through the entrance. I stopped at the counter and told them I was meeting someone. I anxiously looked around him and spotted Caleb at the table in the back corner. I pionted over at him. "Hes right there" I said. He let me through and I made me way over to the table. He looked quite nice too. He was wearing a suit but he didnt do anything different with his hair. But that was okay. I liked it the way it was. He looked over and saw me and smiled as I aproached the table. "I was afriad you werent going to come" He said as he got up and pulled my chair out for me. "Why wouldnt I?" I asked returning his smile. "I dont know. Because you dont forgive yourself for killing my father." He replied, but his smile didnt disapear, which creeped me out. If you lost a parent only a week ago, you wouldnt smile when you talked about it. "You seem to be over his death already." I said. "Well... we never really.... got along very well..." Thats when his smile faded away. What did his father beat him or something?? "What do you mean you didnt get along?" I asked. "Well... its hard to explain." He replied wearily. "No, I just think you dont want to talk about it. You know it helps to." "I know... but its... personal" "Did he beat you or something?" I asked as gently as I could. He didnt reply. He just looked at me with that kind of look and I knew the answer was yes. "You know, you look really pretty tonight." He said trying to change the subject. "Thank you. You dont look too bad yourself." I said playing along. He didnt fall for it though. "I just really dont want to talk about it. Okay?" "Its okay, Im not going to force you to." "Thank you." He said, relived.
  4. The waiter came and took our order for drinks. "Ill have a choclate milk, please" I said and Caleb looked like he was going to burst out laughing. "Ill have a Dr. Pepper" He managed to squeek out. The waitor walked away and Caleb said "Choclate milk??" Still trying really hard not to laugh. "Yes. I like choclate milk. Is there something wrong with that?" I asked trying not to laugh myself. I always try to laugh at myself, especially in situations like this. "Well.... No... Theres absolutely nothing... wrong..." He couldnt say it and gave up and laughed I laughed with him and I looked around and noticed everyone was staring at us. We stopped laughing and thats when I noticed how loud we had been. My face turned bright red and I tried to ignore their stares by looking at Caleb. Aparently he had the same idea and we were left facing each other. His face was also red and you could tell he was just as embarresed as me. The people finally looked away and we giggled about it. Looking back at it, it was pretty funny. "I think we were loud enough." I said to Caleb. "I think we were too. What were we laughing about again?" "Me ordering choclate milk." "Oh yea thats right." We both fell silent. Come on Isabel... say something... anything.... "Do you remember when you were in my house and I like... burst into flames?" Crap! I thought. I didnt want to tell him that!!! Uhg! My face turned red again. He looked at me for a second then replied "Yes. I do. Burned my stomach pretty good." "You mean I didnt imagine it??" I asked astonished. "No you didnt. You have something called pyrokinesis. You can light yourself and anything else you want on fire." I looked at he to make sure he wasnt lieing. He looked very serious. "I really did burst into flames??" "Yes and I have the burns to prove it." it was a lot to take in. I thought I had imagined the whole thing about bursting into flames. But I didnt. I had pyrokinesis.
  5. "Am I like the only one that has like powers??" I asked. "No. There are others." "like who?" "Like me and my brother." "What can you guys do?" "I have telekinesis and I have like super strength. Hunter can see the future and read minds." He said smiling. He obously was trying to impress me. "Wait... If Hunter can see the future.. then couldnt he have told you I was coming?" I asked. "He cant see anything with you. He says he cant even read you mind." "Thats werid. Is it because of my pyrokinesis?" "No, I dont think so. We have no idea why." Just then the waiter came with our drinks and ordered our food. Caleb snickered "Im surprised you didnt order chicken fingers or something." "Your not funny." I said trying not to laugh. "If Im not funny, then why are you laughing?" He asked leaning towards me, still smiling. "Im not laughing." I said and a giggle excaped. "Mhm." said Caleb as he sat back in his chair. "Sure your not." I looked over at him and our eyes met and it just seemed like there was no one else in the world. Just us. I felt my stomach flip. We just sat there and stared at each other. He just had the most beatiful eyes... We were brought back to reality when we heard the waiter set our food in front of us. "Here you go he said. Enjoy." "Thank you." I said. We didnt talk much after that. We just ate.
  6. When we finished eating, Caleb insisted on paying the bill, so I paid the tip for the waiter. He walked me out to my car. It was a beautiful night out. The sky was perfectly clear and you could see every star. "Beatiful night." Caleb said. "Yeah..." I said looking up at the sky. "Not as beautiful as you, though." He added. I looked at him and smiled he was smiling too. And then our eyes met again. It was just the greatest feeling I ever felt. He reached out and cupped my face in his hand. His hands felt so gentle. They werent the hands of a robber. He leaned in towards me and lightly touched my lips with his. It was the most amazing kiss I ever had. His lips were so soft and warm. I never wanted to stop. But reluctantly, we pulled away. "Goodnight" He said before walking away. "Goodnight" I called after him. He just looked back at me and smiled. I did the same and climbed into my car. I drove back home feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.
  7. Thats the end of Part 3! I hope you enjoyed it!!
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