Love is Magical... Literally Pt4

*RECAP* Isabel goes out to dinner with Caleb at the Treadway to talk, but it turns into a date and they realize they really like each other. Isabel also finds out that she really did burst into flames and that Caleb and Hunter both have powers, too.

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Created by: DelTop13

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  1. I flopped on my bed and sighed. I couldnt stop thinking about Caleb. How we kissed and stared into each others eyes.... I realized then that I was in love. I never knew how it felt, but now I do. It felt absolutely amazing. I wondered if Caleb felt the same way. It was hard to beleive only a week ago he had broken into my house and I shot his dad.... 'Stop' I told myself. It hurt too much to think about that. How I took another persons life. I got out of my bed and changed into my pjs. I laid down and curled under my blankets, but I just couldnt fall asleep. I gave up. I rolled out of bed and went outside. Looking up at the stars always helped me fall asleep. I steped into the night and a warm breeze swep around me. I always loved nights like these. I laid down in the grass and looked at the sky. The stars always fascinated me. But if they they were each a sun, much like our own, then wouldnt that make it just another speck in the night sky? If our whole galaxy exploded right now, it wouldnt matter. I didnt like to think about it that way, but I knew it was true. We were tiny specks, no even tinnier than that, compaired to the whole universe. I was making my self depressed. Why did I always do that?? I take something as beautiful as the stars and turn it into something terrible. I wished Caleb was here. Hed help me keep my mind off of that. But he wasnt, so I had to do it myself. I thought about what he said about my 'powers'. I didnt know if i wanted to believe it. I looked at my hand. If it were true, then I could light my hand on fire right now. I concentrated on it and a familiar heat formed in my hand. I kept concetrating on it and willed it to light. I pushed all my energy into my hand and with a satisfing burst of light, my hand caught fire. 'Yes!' I thought as I lept into the air and began jumping around like an idiot staring at my burning hand. I extinguished the flame by focusing on something else. I couldnt believe it worked!!
  2. I felt drained after that and decided to go to bed. Maybe now I could fall asleep. I curled into my blankets and slowly drifted to sleep thinking of my date with Caleb. I had a dream that there were five guys outside my window. They looked like they were in their 40s but there was something different about them. They seemed more... more... powerful was the word that came to mind. They peered in at me and snicked. The one with long scraggly hair steped forward. He seemed to be their leader. He was absolutly hideous. He looked like he hadnt bushed or washed his hair for weeks and he had dark cirles under his solid black eyes. He was smiling, exposing his pointy, half rotten teeth. He looked evil. They all did. All in unison they threw there heads back and laughed. It sent chills down my spine. He stopped laughing, while the others continued, and looked at me, his eyes boring into my own and said "Youre mine." and I fell into a very deep sleep. I usually wake up after a dream like this, but I didnt. It was very strange.
  3. I woke up straped to an operating table. It was cold and hard. I tried to open my eyes, with no sucess. I heard a mans voice yell "Master Malum, I think she is awake." "Good. Now get out. I want to be alone with Isabel." another voice spit back. I was guessing it was this 'Malum' guy. I heard footsteps apraoch me. "Well, well, well. Did you have a nice nap? Sleep well?" He chuckled to himself. "Your probably wondering who I am and where you are. Im Peter, but you can call me Master Malum, leader of The Nocte Umbra. And as for where you are, Ill let you wonder about that one." "Why the hell did you kidnap me?!?!??" I screamed at him, forcing my eyes open. I gasped. it was the guy from my dream. He was even more hideous in person and up close. He chuckled "I didnt kidnap you." "You took me against my will! Thats kidnapping!!" I yelled. I could feel the familiar heat begin to surge through my veins. "You see, your will doesnt matter. Only mine. I took you because I wanted you." He said asurtively. "Your not my master, your no ones master." "oh, but I am. I am everyones master, they just dont see it. Someday-" I cut him off. "Someday, you will wake up from your little dream world and realize that there are people out there much more powerful than you." His hand flew to my throat. "NOBODY EVER, EVER TALKS TO ME THAT WAY!!" He screamed in my face, spraying me with spit. His breath smelled terrible, like blood and rotten teeth. His grip tightened around my throat and I gasped as my oxygen supply was cut off. He smiled. And then I remembered my powers. I forced myself to return his smile and burst into flames.
  4. The pressure on my neck didnt go away as I expected it to. I heard him laugh. "You think that trick will work on me??" I let my flames die down. Theres no point in wasting my energy. He released my neck and I gasped for air. "Theres no point in killing my power source." I looked at him curiously. "Well dont you know that why your here? Its were I get my power from. I suck it from people like you."
  5. **CALEB'S POINT OF VIEW** That morning I decided to go check on Isabel. I had a nightmare that The Nocte Umbra had taken her and I was worried. When I arrived at her house, I rung the doorbell and her mother opened the door. She smiled, though it looked forced. "Good morning Mrs. Robins. Is Isabel there?" "I think she is still in bed. I can go get her if you want." "If you would please." I replied. "You can come in if youd like. I just made a pot of coffee." "Thank you" I said and steped inside, shutting the door behind me. Mrs. Robins went upstairs and I went into the kitchen. I only knew where it was because it was the room where my father was shot. I stepped in and I was flooded with memories. Bad memories. Memories of when my father forced me to break into houses with him. I never wanted to steal, but he made me, and if I refused, he smacked me. Hard. I remember the day we came here. I had told him I didnt want to steal any more and he hit me so hard I heard a ringing in my ears and everything went blurry for a moment. "She isnt in her bed" I heard a voice say. I suddenly remembered where I was and turned around to face Mrs. Robins. "S-shes not there?" I managed to ask. "No. Do you know where she might be?" she asked frowning at me. "No" I replied. Though it was a lie. My dream was true. They had taken her. I felt faint. "You dont look so good, Caleb. Wold you like to sit down?" I nodded and ploped down at the kitchen table. Mrs. Robins set a cup of coffee in front of me. "Thank you" I said as I took a sip. "Are you sure you dont have any idea where she might be?" she asked. The way she asked it, though, it was as if she knew the answer. I didnt want to lie, so I told her the truth. "Yes. I know where she is. But your not going to believe me." "Dont worry Caleb, I know." I looked up at her curiously. "I read minds, like your brother, Hunter." I was speechless. "You know about Isabel's pyrokinesis, too?" I asked after a few moments. "Yes. We found out the hard way when she was a baby." I could tell by the look on her face it was something aweful, so I didnt push her. "The Nocte Umbra took her." I said, changing the subject. Though it wasnt the best subject change. Her eyes filled with fear and her face drained of color. Now it was her turn to almost faint. I caught her with my mind and set her down in a chair. She began to sob. I felt a tear run down my cheek as well. No one has ever excaped The Nocte Umbra.
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