How Well Do You Know Danger Dolan?

Danger Dolan is a famous guy on YouTube. Who is Danger Dolan? Go search him on YouTube and watch some of him videos. Warning: His Videos Are rated 14+ since he tends to swear sometimes.

Do you think YOU know about Danger Dolan? If you think you know, test your Dolan knowledge on this quiz and find out if you're a true fan! If you take this quiz you'll know if you know a lot about Dolan!

Created by: DanTheDerp
  1. Where Is Danger Dolan From?
  2. Who Is His YouTube Partner?
  3. What Does Dolan Do On His Main Channel?
  4. How Many Channels Does He Have?
  5. Here, I'll give you a break. What's his gender?
  6. What does his logo look like?
  7. How many of his videos have you watched?
  8. What are his other channels called?
  9. How do Dolan and his partner know each other?
  10. How old is Dolan?
  11. How many subscribers does he have?
  12. Are Dolan's videos most like which one?
  13. Alright, Last one, You'll never get this. Where did he move when he was a teenager?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Danger Dolan?