What Member of Team Dark are you?

do you watch tiny rainbow's channel and always thought "is there a quiz based on this?"well my friend yes it is,take this quiz to find out what villain you are from the channel

if you don't watch tiny rainbow's channel,look it up on YouTube and watch some of her videos,they are so good,i wonder what villain you will end up as,are you Zach,Daniel,or Kai?

Created by: Cherish
  1. What's you're favorite color
  2. You're weapon would be...
  3. do you hate Jack(go to tiny rainbow's channel to find out who he is)
  4. do you get angered easily?
  5. do you like salty,sweet,or spicy foods?
  6. what clothes do you like to wear?
  7. A child is about to get kidnapped by two punks that are bigger than you and look like they could beat you to death,what do you do?
  8. What kind of movies are you into?
  9. if you were to buy a pet,what would you expect from it
  10. What Dessert is you're favorite?

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Quiz topic: What Member of Team Dark am I?