Are You A Henry Danger Superfan?

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One of the best shows on the air right now for children and young teens is Henry Danger. It follows a 13 year old boy named Henry who has an after school job as a superhero sidekick.

Do you love Henry Danger? Do you pay attention to detail when you watch it? Do you think you have what it takes to be a Superfan? Find out in this quiz!!!

Created by: Alia
  1. Do you like Henry Danger?
  2. Why do you watch Henry Danger?
  3. What's your favorite Dan Schneider show?
  4. Now for questions more about the show, not about yourself. What is Henry's sidekick name and who does he work for?
  5. Who are Henry's two best friends?
  6. What is Henry's sister's name?
  7. What is Henry's last name?
  8. Where do the characters live?
  9. Who is Chloe?
  10. Who knows about Henry's secret besides Henry?
  11. What is the first episode called?
  12. What episode did Nathan Cress guest star in?
  13. Who plays Henry?
  14. What is the first line of the opening monologue?
  15. What do Henry and Ray say when they want to get out of the Man Cave?
  16. What does Henry and Ray have that helps them get into their superhero costumes?
  17. Did you know that the kid that plays Henry was on Jessie?
  18. What TV channel is Henry Danger on?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Henry Danger Superfan?