How Well do you Know the Dolan Twins?

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Welcome to my quiz! Your Dolan Twins knowledge shall be put to the test today to really see how well you know those goofy and crazy boys! Enjoy, thank you!

This is a short 10-question quiz based on how well you know the Dolan Twins. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to continue to show love and support for the craziness we see as a YouTube channel!

Created by: Kendall
  1. True or False: Both twins have broken their collarbones!
  2. Which twin has a freckle above their left eye?
  3. What is their sister's name?
  4. True or False: If Grayson had to choose a girl's name as his name, he would choose Avery.
  5. True or False: The twins' parents names are Jonathan and Lisa.
  6. What is their most viewed video existing on their YouTube channel currently?
  7. In what video did the famous phrase, "HA! COMEDY!" start in?
  8. True or False: The twins call tissue a 'tishy'
  9. Which twin was the first to complete the 'Puzzle Cage' in "Who is the Smarter Twin?"
  10. Who are the most adorable, loving, funny Youtubers in the entire universe?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Dolan Twins?