The Rybka Twins: the ultimate quiz

Welcome to my quiz all about the Rybka Twins! I hope you know your stuff because this quiz is pretty extreme..... There are lots of questions that you need to know and an extra question at the end...

Hope you enjoy the quiz and you get a good score. The Rybka Twins are pretty big on youtube and other social medias so enjoy you time taking my quiz :)

Created by: Hannah
  1. True or false: The Rybka Twins have a youtube channel?
  2. What are the Rybka Twins' names?
  3. Where do the Rybka twins live?
  4. True or false: The Rybka Twins have a TikTok account?
  5. True or false: The Rybka twins post on their instagram account every day?
  6. What do the Rybka Twins love to do?
  7. True or false: The Rybka Twins used to work at a Mcdonalds?
  8. What do the Rybka twins do as a job?
  9. True or false: The Rybka Twins post videos on a channel called Squared?
  10. True or False: The Rybka Twins don't have any siblings?
  11. Bit random.....but do you like TY Beanie boos?

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