Maria and Martha or Taytum and Oakley

Have you watched the Instagram video Andrea Espada made called "falling in love with babies"? If you have, you might have an opinion. If not, then this quiz will help you figure it out!

Are you team Taytum and Oakley or Team Maria and Martha? Even if you don't know, you subconsciously have an opinion. If you take this quiz, then you will see which side you are more on.

Created by: Hearts of hearts Colombia
  1. Have you watched Andrea Espada's instagram video "Falling in love with babies"?
  2. What should be the babies' names?
  3. Who should be taking care of the babies?
  4. What happened in the video first?
  5. Then what happened?
  6. Then what happened?
  7. Then what happened?
  8. Then what happened?
  9. What happened next?
  10. Who was to blame in the video?
  11. Which names do you think the babies prefer?

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