Are you a true Dolan Twins fan?

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If you think you are a Dolan Twins fan then take this quiz and see if you are really. this quiz has questions about their family and some random things ,but do not worry it all things you need to know about them ok.

Now come join the family and take my quiz love guys. i hope you get the score you think you deserve have fun ya'll we need more to this family. have fun!

Created by: Moriha of My Tumblr
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  1. What are the dolan twins favorite colors?
  2. What is Grayson's favorite Holiday?
  3. What is Ethan's most famous nickname?
  4. When is the Dolan Twins birthday?
  5. What is the name of their group with James Charles and Emma Chamberlain?
  6. What are their parents names?
  7. What is their sister's name?
  8. where do they live?
  9. Where are the from?
  10. How old where they when they stated you tube?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Dolan Twins fan?