Are you perfect for Grayson Dolan

In this quiz we are all going to find out if you whoever you might be or might look like is or isn't perfect for the one and only Grayson Dolan I am sure you can't wait to find out

Let me explain something to you. The reason why I started a quiz like this is because I love I adore the Dolan twins all my life I have been wishing to meet them and in this quiz you are going to find out if you are or if you aren't perfect for Grayson Dolan

Created by: Bailey Grant
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. On ur first date where would u go?
  2. Do u love cookies?
  3. What is ur favorite color?
  4. Do u mind getting messy?
  5. What do u hate most about yourself?
  6. U like a person because.....
  7. Do u take every little thing seriously?
  8. What makes u smile?
  9. are u mostly a positive or a negative person?
  10. What do u like to eat?

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Quiz topic: Am I perfect for Grayson Dolan