The Ultimate Pee Challenge

There are lots of pee challenges on this website and I think I've compiled some of the hardest challenges with my own to create the ultimate challenge. Take this challenge if you want to prove you have what it takes to endure grueling torture.

This challenge is hard, there are some parts that I have not survived in the past. Now I've collected them into one quiz. Take the quiz if you dare, and if you do end up peeing yourself... sorry.

Created by: Blitz231

  1. Alright lets begin. Start by drinking 5 small cups of water or 2 large cups of water. Come back when you feel the urge to pee. Bonus Challenge: No matter what don't run to the bathroom to pee until the quiz is over.
  2. Challenge One: Lay down and relax, press down on your bladder once every 20 seconds for 2 minutes. How do you feel afterwards?
  3. Challenge Two: Drink three more small cups or one large cup of water. Now go into your bathroom and sit on the toilet for a minute with your clothes on.
  4. Challenge Three: Time for the really hard stuff. Press on your bladder again for 30 seconds strait.
  5. Challenge Four: Drink four more small cups or two big cups of water. Then do something for 10 minutes and come back, how do you feel now?
  6. Challenge Five, Halfway Point: If you still haven't gone you're in for a treat. Repeat challenge two but now it's every 10 seconds for three minutes
  7. Challenge Six: Sit on the toilet in just your underwear for 3 minutes. But you also have to push on your bladder every minute.
  8. Challenge Seven: Five more small cups or three big cups of water. Wait 10 minutes, pushing on your bladder every 2 minutes, then slowly spread your legs and relax.
  9. Challenge Eight: Let out only one drop, don't try to stop it if you go more.
  10. Challenge Nine: Now go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet in just your underwear with all the faucets on for three minutes.
  11. Challenge Ten, the final challenge: You have a few choices for this challenge.
  12. If you chose None here's your challenge: (If you're under 18) Wet the bed and tell your parents. (If you're over 18) Wet the bed and tell a friend, family member, Spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or make a post on social media.
  13. Bonus Challenge: Hold it for as long as you can and tell me how long you made it in the comments. (No effect on Results.)
  14. Bonus Challenge 2: This is for those people that didn't pee themselves but still want to try: Drink 5 bottles of water and come back in 2-5 hours then take the quiz again.
  15. Bonus Challenge 3:This is one final challenge if you're up for it. Take this quiz again with a friend and tell me if anyone went.
  16. Finally if you managed to hold it the entire time and aren't interested in the bonus challenges go ahead and go to the bathroom.

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