How well do you know Asterix and Obelix? (ultimate)

Whoever is taking this quiz right now, yes, you, is almost certainly an amazing reader and Asterix lover. I will guess you know lots about him, and have already taken my other Asterix Quiz. ( It is A-Okay if you haven't)

But this is not an ordinary Quiz. This is the ULTIMATE Asterix Quiz.( at least for now) Do you want to challenge yourself? Push yourself to the limit of Asterix knowledge? THEN...Take this Quiz...

Created by: I like Cows!

  1. Who Wrote "Asterix and The Picts"?
  2. When the two Romans tried to steal the baby from Asterix's village in "Asterix and son", what did they dress up as?
  3. Who received Caesar's gift in " Asterix and Caesar's gift" ?
  4. Who is Squaronthehypotenus?
  5. Does "Barometrix" exist?
  6. Which book does "Tortous Convolvius" come from?
  7. What is the name of Asterix's father?
  8. Who gave the 'chieftan's shield' to Vitalstatistix?
  9. Super Duper Question: 'Mortadella' comes from:
  10. Great Job! How awesome are you? (Hint: You are amazing) This was just one I came up with because I ran out of Ideas. Sorry!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Asterix and Obelix? (ultimate)