Diep.io Test EASY

I decided to make another quiz because I thought it was fun. This quiz doesn't include as much torturing. If you're interested in my other quiz, then it's called Pee challenge HARD. Yes, it's that kind of quiz. I love torturing people (Not in a painful way).

Anyways, this quiz will use your diep.io intelligence. There are some that are easy, but most of them are not so easy. There are also challenges and extra challenges for last. Enjoy!

Created by: SomeoneThat'sUnknown

  1. How good are you at diep.io. NOTE: This isn't for experts, it's more for people who just play it normally.
  2. Okay, let's actually start. What's diep.io? Be specific with your answer.
  3. You've might of googled "diep.io" but this time you just.. don't use the wiki, lol. What tank is in the game that you can play as?
  4. Next question, what "shape" is not in the game?
  5. Which one is NOT a fact? This is a break. Because it's very easy.
  6. Is diep.io fun?
  7. True or false? Diep.io has a tank named Crasher.
  8. Another break. What .io game exists?
  9. CHALLENGE (kinda): True or false? A single server in diep.io can only contain a total of 280 tanks and 700 shapes.
  10. CHALLENGE: Even though a Manager has only one drone maker, does it still generates as fast as the Overseer?
  11. EXTRA CHALLENGE: Which of the following is a fact?

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