dog and cat questionnaire

There are many smart people but very few geniuses. Take the quiz, find out how good you are, tell your friends and see who's better! have lots of fun.

Have you got what it takes to be the best, get 100% and win the ultimate challenge. Why not try creating as well you can do cats and dogs, if you like the say as me, because I don't really mind

Created by: Bethany smith

  1. In this saying how many lives do cats have. Cats have ---- lives
  2. Which saying is true
  3. Cats were worshiped as gods, cats have never forgotten this
  4. How walks does a medium dog need
  5. Cats are the ---- most intelligent creature on earth
  6. My fravourite animal out of these
  7. I like...
  8. Dogs are...
  9. Cats are...
  10. Which of these is not a cat

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