Questionnaire Y

This questionnaire is designed to study different aspects of your personality. Please answer each question truthfully and do not discuss the questions with anyone after you've finished.

After you've completed the survey, you may begin the quiz. Once you've completed the quiz, you may leave it on the desk, return to your seat, and wait for everyone to finish.

Created by: annataylor21

  1. Are you more comfortable...?
  2. At the moment, you are content with your life.
  3. Do you prefer watching...?
  4. Do you tend to remember people by their...?
  5. When writing a book report, would you prefer...?
  6. You frequently have nightmares....?
  7. When assembling something, do you...?
  8. When you have a problem with a friend, do you...?
  9. You enjoy solitary walks.
  10. When picking extracurriculars, you...?
  11. You often think about the future of mankind.
  12. When working with a group, do you prefer...?
  13. Do you consider yourself a safe person?
  14. If there is a rule you find unfair, you...?
  15. When you enter an auditorium, do you sit...?
  16. You frequently worry about your friends' problems.
  17. There are many things you'd like to change about the world.
  18. When meeting a friend, are you usually...?
  19. Do you prefer to eat...?
  20. You're going out to eat. Do you...?

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