Americans know nothing about world geography! Please come prove me wrong.... if you can :D I challenge you to prove me wrong. I want to see one person get a %100 on this quiz. Remember... no cheating... I will know!

If you are not from the United States then you are also invited to take the quiz. Stop making fun of the Americans and let us see how well you can do! I challenge you.. come on!

Created by: Ryan

  1. Budapest is the capital of what European country?
  2. What is the main religion of Israel?
  3. True or False?: The main language spoken in Latin America is Latin.
  4. Who won the Vietnam war?
  5. True or False?: Austria is an island
  6. Out of this list which is the richest country in the world
  7. Which language from this list is most widely spoken as a native language in the world.
  8. True or False?: Georgia is a country.
  9. Which is not a county?
  10. English falls under what language category?

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