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  • Okay, now I'm many Christians are actually martyred every day?

    Cate Palantir
  • Congradulations you've completed this incredibly long difficult t

    Wow, this is a great score. You got a good knollege of Biblical facts and are on your way to being a Wisdom filled person of God. Keep up the good work and keep reading that Good book!


  • "Thou shall not use Bank of America". Ha...
    How many fuc kin things did you put

    Hikaru Katsu
  • Can somebody PLEASE correct these errors?!? (Correct text in parentheses)

    1. because there Christian (because they're Christian)

    2. litterly (literally)
    3. reveal himself too (reveal himself to)
    4. just the deciples (just the disciples)
    5. True Knollege (True Knowlege)

    6. Jesus, is not actaually (Jesus is not actually)

    7. Lucifer was casted out (Lucifer was cast out)

    8. percentage of Heavens Angels (percentage of heaven's angels)

    9. ever to be casted out (ever to be cast out)

    10. Jesus died and was resurected, how many Deciples did he have (Jesus died and was resurrected, how many disciples did he have)

    11. talks about Jesus' Divinity (talks about Jesus' divinity)

    12. Roman Empire conqueared them (Roman Empire conquered them)

    13. major role in Israels history. Persia is now Modern Day (major role in Israel's history. Persia is now modern day)

    14. The Rulers "Sleeping" Daughter (The ruler's "sleeping" daughter)

    15. No one was Actually "Brought Back" (No one was actually "brought back")

    16. my own Heart (my own heart)
    17. "Suppose" to pray ("supposed" to pray)
    18. How many God's (How many gods)
    19. The just have (They just have)

    20. 3 God's but there all ranked (Three gods, but they're all ranked)

    21. Which one of these statements are true? (Which one of these statements is true?)

    22. seperated in verses (separated into verses)

    23. the New Testiment (Acts 9:36), lived where? ((the New Testament (Acts 9:36), lived where?))

    ---- I gave up here; there are more after this! ----


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