Do You Know Whiplash?

Many users on this site, but do you know WHIPLASH!!! This thread is to see if you know me and just preparation for a shout out I will do soon. Comment and like!

You are gonna see if you know me! You might know by now and comment and rate and go on and see your score. Whiplash Out my friends. Also comment to be included in my shout out!

Created by: Whiplash

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  1. What is my real name?
  2. What is a sport I play?
  3. What is my hair color?
  4. Which one of these users am I friends with?
  5. What kind of poll do I do often?
  6. Which is a name of one of my threads?
  7. When am I usually on?
  8. What do I do to trolls?
  9. How many forums have I been on?
  10. What am I?
  11. Eye color?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Whiplash?