Do You Know Michael Myers?

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This is a Michael Myers quiz. So what if you know him 40%. So what? My dad and I live on Halloween! We like the classics. This a pretty easy quiz for those who favor that crazed Phsyco Path!

This is not like that other person who thinks they know him. No. This is real facts. This may be an easy quiz, but get stuffed. Michael deserveres to be known.

Created by: StarLight2424
  1. What is Michael's full name?
  2. What Is The REAL NAME of His Tattoo?
  3. What was Michael's halloween costume, when he killed his sister? (He Was A Kid)
  4. In Halloween 1, (1978) Michael finds himself out of the Phyciatric Hospital. Who is his Doctor?
  5. QUICK BREAK: Do You Feel You Know Michael Myers?
  6. Lets say you cross paths with Michael, whats the BEST THING TO DO?!
  7. ^^^^^^ Lets say Michael Saw you. Is that a good thing?
  8. In Halloween 4, is the little girl, (Jamie) his relative?
  9. Ok Now: In Halloween 4, Why does Jamie kill her mother?
  10. Last Question, Where does Michael get his mask?

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