Do You Know Melissa Jo?

There are a lot of people who know Melissa Jo, but are there many that KNOW her? This is a "Do You Know Melissa Jo?" quiz...Turn back now, if you're chicken!

Do you know Melissa Jo? Do you know what it takes to be her closest most bestest friend? Well, take this quiz and in just a few short moments, you'll find out!

Created by: Melissa

  1. What color are my eyes?
  2. What's my Husband's name?
  3. What color are my eyes?
  4. What month was I born?
  5. What is the natural style of my hair?
  6. What's my sister's name?
  7. Where do I live?
  8. Who is my ex-husband
  9. What other two states have I lived in?
  10. How many dogs do I have?
  11. What is my oldest son's name?
  12. What is my youngest son's name?
  13. What month did Jamie and I get married

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Melissa Jo?