Do You Know Me?

Alright no one reads these gay paragraphs so im just going to talk like a social butterfly who has six wings. my mum is wierd, my dad is somehwere i dont know where, my sister is VERY wierd, my life is a mess, people i know can go away. this quiz is gay, and these paragrapghs are gay!!! there all done.

my goodness another STUPID paragraph I HAVE to write?? okay this is so stupid but lets talk some more...wait i cant say anything about myself. this quiz is about me! id be giving away answers...god im stupid. and I RUN INTO WALLs ALL THE TIME!!! have fun with this quiz. hope u get a good score, even though noone knows me well.

Created by: Jessa
  1. Who do I love most in the WHOLE world?
  2. Who am I talking to right now on the phone?
  3. What song am I listening to right now? (haha u have to guess)
  4. Now think deep about this! If you havent known me my whole life then you won't get this right, probably! Out of all the people I know, who is by far the most important person I've EVER EVER met??
  5. What's one thing I regret doing? (Out of the MANY)
  6. When (and if) I grow up, will I be famous?
  7. Do I believe in ghosts?
  8. (Even if you don't beileve this) Have I ever been abducted by aliens?
  9. Am I in a religion?
  10. What is one of my mottos?
  11. Which song have I dedicated to Kevin?
  12. Why do I love Kevin?
  13. what are my 3 favorite colors?
  14. What are my thoughts on love?
  15. What is my greatest skill?
  16. My favorite fruit?
  17. When is my birthday?
  18. What is my favorite flower?
  19. What is my favorite out of my three mottos?
  20. Am I insecure?
  21. Do I care about school?
  22. Do I ever plan on getting married?
  23. Am I sensitive?
  24. What is one of the words that describes me?
  25. What is something I would like to happen one day?
  26. Last question! RaWR
  27. more question.. What is one of my fav poems Ive ever written?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Me?