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P!NK, yes the AMAZING Alecia Beth Moore, how well do you know her, or her career, personal life, when and where she has been, things she has said, take this quiz to see if you are a stupid girl or getting the party started.

If you think you know everything about the singer/song writer P!NK, take a look at this quiz, some easy, some not so easy, will you be a stupid girl or an underdog?

Created by: Caroline
  1. What was the date of the FIRST uk concert on the TRY THIS tour.
  2. Where was the first UK concert held of the TRY THIS tour?
  3. How many films has P!NK been in, acting as a character or herself and voice overs?
  4. On what date did P!NK announce her pregnancy on the Ellen Show?
  5. How many Grammy awards has P!NK been nominated for?
  6. How many MTV Australian awards has P!NK won?
  7. In 2009 P!NK won an MTV Australia award for 'BEST VIDEO' but which video was it for?
  8. What date was 'Can't Take Me home' released in the US?
  9. In 2008 during an interview with Paul O'Grady, what did P!NK and Paul say they would rescue?
  10. In 2008 during the MTV music awards performance of 'So What' what did P!NK do?
  11. P!NK once had a dog called what?
  12. What did P!NK originally want to call the funhouse album?
  13. P!NK says she is what with diamonds in her teeth?
  14. P!NKs dad wrote a song, what it the title?
  15. What had P!NK been drinking when she proposed to Carey Hart?
  16. Who did P!NK learn the word TOOL from?
  17. Who is P!NK tired of being compared to?
  18. Who did P!NK date when her and Carey separated?
  19. How did P!NK and Carey meet?
  20. What song are the following lyrics from, 'when my tears start to fall'?
  21. What was the name of P!NK's character in Catacombs?
  22. In Happy Feet 2 who is P!NK the singing voice for?

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