What type af animal is this

do you want to know if you know your animals. Here you can find out. Please just take the test. nobody really reads these. So whatever! Enjoy the test!

I dont really think people read these so whatever hey ho ha say do so joe. nine new neckties and a nightshirt and a nose! I'M WIERD AND IM PROUD! Enjoy the test!

Created by: violin player
  1. What type of animal is this? Cavilier King Charels Spaniel.
  2. Throughbred?
  3. Me!?
  4. Hare?
  5. Ok I'll go easy on you. What is a King Cobra?
  6. Filly?
  7. Tadpole?
  8. Beagle?
  9. So how did you like the quiz?
  10. I ran out of questions.

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