do you know logan henderson from bigtimerush?

There are alot of people who love hate and want to marry logan henderson but do u kno every single thing about him well take this quiz and find out!!!!

DO U KNOW LOGAN HENDERSON!?!?!?well take this quiz and find out ur answer!!so this is my 1st quiz so yeah enjoy it and dont forget to rate and commet!:)

Created by: PuPpYxoxo

  1. do u even kno who he is?[if u dont ur a loser]JUST SAYIN!!!
  2. ok,so whats his fav football team?
  3. whats his hair color?
  4. whats his fv color?
  5. this is a RETARDED QUESTION!!!!!is logan a boy or girl?oh wait u should already that logan is a b....OK ANSWER ALL READY
  6. whats his middle name!!
  7. on bigtimerush theres 4 cute boys named kendall james carlos and logan which one of them is the leader?
  8. whats his fav kind of cereal?
  9. do u like this quiz
  10. bye
  11. bye

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Quiz topic: Do I know logan henderson from bigtimerush?