Do you know an awsome book called The Hunger Games

The book is able to capture so many different genres into it as you travel with the main character through the hardships, near death experiences, and the disturbing things that the main character sees that will never leave their mind.

Do you think you know the book? Or are you taking the quiz because it sounded interesting? Could you still win if you don't know the book? Well in a few minutes of taking the guiz you will find out.

Created by: Toni

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  1. Who is the main character in The Hunger Games?
  2. What District does the main character live in?
  3. Who is the main characters prep team including the stylist?
  4. What made the main character worried about their first outfit?
  5. Who is the other person from the main characters district that is also going into The Hunger Games?
  6. What is the main characters best weapon to work with?
  7. What is the main characters best weapon to work with?
  8. Where does the main character feel the most safe when they sleep?
  9. Who does the main character watch die in their arms them and was also their ally?
  10. How does the main character get rid of their enimies food supplies?
  11. How is the four last person in The Hunger Games killed?

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Quiz topic: Do I know an awsome book called The Hunger Games