Vidoe game quiz

Why waste your time buying games at blockbuster randomly when you'll find out wich games best suit you out these 5....whats it going to be? Best of all theres over 1000 games so imagine the amount of vidoe games in one of these five catagories.

Do you crave for blood, enjoy the violence, laugh at the kiddish, dream of the fantasy, hystericlly enjoy the action packed video games well now is the time to find out.

Created by: Kevin

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  1. You choose a game from the following. A)Kingdom hearts B)Lego Racers 2 C)Rachet Deadlocked or D)Devil may cry 2 or whatever it is.
  2. Would you rather be surrounded by a bunch of undead ninjas or trapped in a alternate world where mimes rule.
  3. What would you wield. A gun, A keyblade, a sword, a magical staff, grenades.
  4. Would you buy a kid game for 10.95 dollars or a violent fantasy game for 49.74 dollars
  5. If you could dress up as a video game charachter who would it be.
  6. Who is your idol.
  7. Would you rather be a vampire or a mage freak.
  8. What power would you want. Heat vision, telepathic, telekenetic, control of elements, to fly,
  9. Do you "pretend your fighting along side your idol" at rondom times?
  10. Do you dream about your video game idol (guy or girl doesn't matter).
  11. LAST RIDICUOLUS question!!!!! Do You belive in your dreams?

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