Do You Have Low Serotonin?

Do you experience any mental issues? This test will diagnose the serotonin part of your neurotransmitters. Are you a little off? This quiz will help you.

Do you think you have low serotonin? Well you should take this quiz to see what exactly is wrong with you. If you don't have low serotonin you might have low dopamine. You never know.

Created by: Serge

  1. Do you have a tendency to be negative, to see the glass as half-empty rather than half-full? Do you have dark, pessimistic thoughts?
  2. Are you often worried and anxious?
  3. Do you have feelings of low self-esteem and lack confidence? Do you easily get to feeling self-critical and guilty?
  4. Does your behavior often get a bit, or a lot, obsessive? Is it hard for you to make transitions, to be flexible? Are you a perfectionist, a neatnik, or a control freak? A computer, TV, or work addict?
  5. Do you really dislike the dark weather or have a clear-cut fall/winter depression (SAD)?
  6. Are you apt to be irritable, impatient, edgy, or angry?
  7. Do you tend to be shy or fearful? Do you get nervous or panicky about heights, flying, enclosed spaces, public performance, spiders, snakes, bridges, crowds, leaving the house, or anything else?
  8. Have you had anxiety attacks or panic attacks (your heart races, it's hard to breathe)?
  9. Do you get PMS or menopausal moodiness (tears, anger, depression)?
  10. Do you hate hot weather?
  11. Are you a night owl, or do you often find it hard to get to sleep, even though you want to?
  12. Do you wake up in the night, have restless or light sleep, or wake up too early in the morning?
  13. Do you routinely like to have sweet or starchy snacks, wine, or marijuana in the afternoons, evenings, or in the middle of the night (but not earlier in the day)?
  14. Do you find relief from any of the above symptoms through exercise?
  15. Have you had fibromyalgia (unexplained muscle pain) or TMJ (pain, tension, and grinding associated with your jaw)?
  16. Have you had suicidal thoughts or plans?

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