How Well Do You Know The Members Of Serotonin?

There Are Alot Of People Who Might Think They Know Everything About Serotonin Well You Might Even Be One Of Those People So You Could Take This Quiz And Prove Yourself Wrong Or Prove Me Wrong Your Choice.

So You Think You Are A Master And Know Everything About Serotonin Well Then Just Take This Quiz And See How Much You Really Do Know About The Members Of Serotonin Kaz, Martyr, And Havok.

Created by: Bobbi Nienaber

  1. Whats Martyr's real name?
  2. Whats Kaz's Real name?
  3. Whats Havok's Real Name?
  4. Whats Havok's Finisher?
  5. Whats Martyr's Finisher?
  6. Whats Kaz's Finisher?
  7. Where Was Martyr Born?
  8. Where Was Kaz Born?
  9. Where Was Havok Born?
  10. Who's The Tallest?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Members Of Serotonin?