Could you have leukemia?

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Worried you might have leukemia or another blood disorder? Take the quiz and get results! Check your symptoms and see what's wrong!! You could be sick or overthinking it.

Disclaimer: Do not self diagnose! If you are worried, concerned, or nervous, go get checked out by a professional! You could potentially hurt yourself if you do not get checked out or self diagnose!

Created by: Cancer Suks
  1. How old are you?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. Do you feel fatigued?
  4. Do your joints or bones hurt?
  5. Are you bruising easily?
  6. Are you paler?
  7. Are you dizzy or light headed?
  8. Do you get headaches?
  9. Do you have an appetite?
  10. Any frequent infections? Cold? Flu?
  11. Have you lost weight without trying?
  12. Do you have a shortness of breath?
  13. How are your lymph nodes? Swollen at all?
  14. Do you feel weak at all?

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