Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Quiz for under 18

This quiz is about ADHD. Take this quiz to know your ADHD. Note: This quiz will not determine that you have ADHD, your doctor has to diagnose you if you have experience symptoms.

Basically the questions are very easy, there is no right or wrong answer? But your answer will have an effect on how you do on the quiz. This quiz is designed for people under the age of 18.

Created by: William

  1. You try to stay organized on your work, is it still hard for you to get your work done, get your work returned back to your teacher, or keep track of your assignments?
  2. Do you find yourself chronically running late for school or any activity outside of school or getting excessive tardiness?
  3. Do you have trouble sleeping?
  4. If yes, do you have trouble staying asleep?
  5. Do you find yourself hard getting up in the mornings?
  6. Do you have the tendency to jump from one topic of conversation to another without warning?
  7. Does you mind keep wandering in class, even though you're trying to pay attention in class?
  8. Is your bedroom or closet very messy? Do you ever lose your possessions due to the messy room?
  9. Do your friends or peers ever call you "hyper" or "spacey"?
  10. Do you forget to do what authority figures are asking you to do?
  11. Do any of your teachers or therapists say that you can do better?
  12. Do people say that you overreact to things?
  13. Do you eat food to deescolate your behavior or feelings?
  14. Do you tend to put off assignments until the last minute?
  15. Do you have trouble staying organized?
  16. Do you blurt things out without thinking?
  17. Do you fidgit or doodle in class because you have trouble sitting still and paying attention?

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