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  • Do You Deserve To Be An Immortal?
    Your Result: Yes! 88%

    Yay! You are eligible to be an immortal! You hide secrets very well, are quiet, and very loyal. The only problem is, you need someone to make you immortal. Like a vampire or a dragon. Now where will you find one amongst the crowd? They can be anyone and be anywhere....

    47% No!
    Awesome Quiz!

  • I got yes. And I'm sorry, but I don't know what happened with your status bar. I would help if I could. Maybe you should post something in the GoTo Quiz category on the forums. Someone might have an answer for you. Good luck with finding out what happened. I enjoyed your quiz!

  • That happened to me too, don't worry too much about it, maybe comment about it on forums and feedback. Search around. I wish I could help....

  • OMG!! I love all your quiz!!! I love mitology to, and I am sorry, I wish I could help, but I don't know what happen to your status bar... :(

  • aaaaawwwwww!I got no! oh well.I don't know what happened to your status thingy.i'm sorry! If i knew i wuold tell you.Great quiz though! :)

  • I got yes! And maybe some people dont like them or no one takes your quizs it might be you losing rates idk

  • I got YES!but I got a tie with NO.At least I got Yes!YEEEEESSSSS!coo l quiz

    wolverine XL

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