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  • Heyy you pple don't know what love is I lovee justin for who is not for what he's got and no1 can ever change millions of girls around the may like Justin for what he's got not for what he is I'm sure if we got to know eachother we could have a Chance . Yeaahh he might be totally gorjuss and not a great singer a fabulous singer all I can say no other girl will love Justin bieber more than me :) Iiiloveeeeyouuuu justinnbieber for life

  • Justin Bieber you are the coolest person in the world, I think the world

    of you. Special thanks Brandon McCaw.

    Brandon McCaw
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  • I Love Justin Bieber so much. I would love to meet him. i wouldn't go crazy to freak him out but I would do anything to get his attention.

  • Personally I think Justin Bieber is the lowest form on life on the world. A newspaper I found once said he was like a "One-man Beatle" and he will never be as good as The Beatles, even when he's a 69 (like Paul McCartney), when they were only together seven years. All I'm saying is that Justin Bieber sucks and the only reason he's still making music is because all of these girls that think he's so hot with his girl voice and dumb look all the time. I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER and wish he would go downstairs forever so I would never hear girls screaming about him being 'hot'. He's gay too.

  • Justin i love you and your music my favorite song is baby and onetime i have all your cd's omg i love u Justin Beiber

  • o yea and i had forgot to tell you that i love you very muchh and you will never get or be off of my mind i think of you every day when i think of you i smile and when i smile i think of you.REALLY

  • Hey it said that I love Justin Bieber and I totally do.He is so cute and I love his voice.Everything about him.

  • i love justin bieber so much he has done so much for me and he made me relize so many things in life and i just wanna meet him so bad and ughh !!!!!! i love you justin drew bieber forever and always . thank you for all that you done for me and i just wanna say your perfect in everyway possible dont ever let anyone tell you diffrent there just hating . but thank you again i love you !

  • I liked Justin before he started acting like a little spoiled brat

    kari thornton
  • i used 2 i mean bieber i cant stop i hate him in second grade 3 boys said i did there nams r zachary alex n chris do not get him for my birthday they r ridicoulas u r meaning i mean mean watch him kiss mily sires its awesome mistake i hate em both i watched a year a go he returns i would hate him to b my bro justin i wish u would die i dont want him dui hes a cutie hahaha not

  • Justin is a greatful little 20 year old kid, who has forgotten where he came from. Get it together dude lots of kids look up to you.

  • Hey Justin,you looking for a girlfriend?Cuz I heard you were single.Im your biggest fan plus I'm in love with you.

  • Never mined

  • Justin

  • i hate justin bieber... he is so ugly with his skin tight jeans... ewww how do guys wear that type of clothing without getting made fun of??!!! oh and the person that keeps posting comments named justin bieber... thats so fake. you really think ppl r gonna think ur really justin bieber?

  • i love justin bieber and i aint sad that he gotta gf but theyre a nice couple and i hope they are happy but i aint THAT crazy i just think of him as an awsome friend and a gret artist but anywayz lov you justin your my idol and always will be love ya xx

  • I opened this quiz just to post this:

    Girls, banish all thoughts of Dustbin Beaver marrying you.

    He is gay.

  • I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!His is my prize pazition one and only!I meet him yesterday at Maceys!!!!!!!!He held my hand yesterday,said that he loved me and he kissed me!!!!!! Yesterday was the best day of my life!!!!!!


    no i am not jealous you freaking idiots! Im plenty more talented than this bozo. Go heavy metal!

  • STICKYLOO******what are u talking about like really u did not know him so why are u trying to be cool when u know that your just hating

  • justin bieber iz so hot like omg. i love his soft hair and dreamy eyes. one day i just wanna fall straight into his arms. he iz my king and i am his we r going 2 b rockin the red carpet like Mr. and Mrs.

  • My name is regina wesseh and i just want to say that i will love to be your friend justin and i think you are so sweet and cool not because you are rich but because you are nice.

  • D: people are popularity/internet trolls who will go to hell... : / what did jb do to u?

  • if you dont like him then whats the point of taking the damn quiz..and if you dont have anything nice to say it'd B better 4 yu 2 not say it at obviously you werent raised the right way...and if you were theres no way your mom can stand to even look at you there's this thing we call MANNERS but of course i'd need to rinse your mouth with soup and shove the word manners down your throat and how old r u anywayz 3 cuz im 14 and have more manners then yur family put 2gether GO FIGURE!!! with a mouth like that im sure god wouldn't even recognize you... sad what television and video games does to kids these days..and if it aint those sources that taught you u musta learned from a f---ing cow cuz i bet u cant sing as well as he can probably not even close to it so maybe u should just stick soap in ur mouth tape ur mouth shut and see how yu like that for trash tawking or better yet stick trash in ur gaddamn throat take THAT 4 TRASH TAWKING U DIRTY MOUTHED KID/MONSTER either way u need 2 be taught a lesson.


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