Directioner or Directionator?

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There are lots and lots and LOTS of One Direction fans! But not all of them are directioners though! What is a directioner I hear you ask. A directioner is a person who is insanely dedicated to One Direction

But are YOU a true directioner? Many fans claim to be but are they really? Take this quiz to find out if you are a directioner , fan or directioner.!!

Created by: Mrs.Tomlinson
  1. Easy question: what are their names?
  2. Who can't swim?
  3. What was their first song together?
  4. Turtles?
  5. Louis likes girls who eat_______
  6. Who came up with the name One Direction
  7. Who protested?
  8. Louis said: I'm a ____
  9. July 23, 2010 , 8:22
  10. Louis' sisters are called?

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