Are you a Directioner?

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Thousands of girls all over the world are obsessed with One Directon. Many of these fans call themselves "Directioners" but many of them dont even know how to spell the boys names.

Do you sometimes wonder where you fall in the groups of fans? Take this quiz to put yourself in a category. The fames Directioners or a obnoxious Directionator.

Created by: Directioner4Life

  1. How many Members are in the band?
  2. What are the Band Members Names?
  3. How many r's?
  4. What place did the boys finish on Britans got talent?
  5. Who is Kevin?
  6. Who plays the Kazoo?
  7. What countries are the boys from?
  8. Which two boys live together?
  9. What is Harry and Louis's bromance name?
  10. What was the boys first single?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Directioner?