Directioner or Directionator

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Most fans of One Direction call themselves directioners but being a directioner is much more complicated than you think. Being one involves a lot of dedication, time spent studying them and SUPPORT.

So, are YOU a directioner? Or a directionator (a fan whom is not very knowledgable about the band and may stop being their fan when they fall)? Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: Mrs.Tomlinson
  1. Which 2 members share the same middle name?
  2. Who is the eldest?
  3. Who protested?
  4. Who is Kevin?
  5. Who 'likes cats'?
  6. Who is left handed?
  7. Who once dated a 32 year old?
  8. How many nipples does Harry Styles have?
  9. What was the name of their debut single?
  10. In their single 'More Than This', who sings the line 'If i'm louder, would you see me'?
  11. Complete the sentence: "HORAN THE WORLD?"

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