Did I pass my exams

Some of us have gone through exams, and at the end worrying about how we did. Not being so sure about how we did in our tests. Well this quiz will change all that for you. Know how you did in your exams now!

This quiz will help you find out your results in a jippie. Its time to stop worrying and see how good or bad you did with your exams. Goodluck oooohh and don't forget, failure is the real key to reaching success in life. MphoMaidi_Quotes

Created by: Mpho
  1. Did You study?
  2. How do you feel about your exams? About how u wrote?
  3. Are you nervous?
  4. Do you think you passed?
  5. Do you wanna see your results
  6. how was the exam rate out of 5?
  7. Are you confident?
  8. Are you scared to see results?
  9. Are you ready?
  10. how did u feel after every test?

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