The Hogwarts School Exams: Charms

Have you ever stared at a Harry Potter book, wondering if you could take the Exams? Do you ever wonder if you are smarter than the extraordinary Hermione Granger? Solved.

Now, with this amazing quiz, you can take the Charms portion of the Hogwarts School Exams. Who knows? You could have smarts to rival Hermione Granger's! Study hard! Good luck!

Created by: Percy Potter

  1. Which spell stuns a target?
  2. Which spell reveals a wand's latest spell?
  3. Which spell allows you to shoots birds out from the tip of your wand?
  4. Which is the counter curse for Lumos?
  5. Which of the following is Flipendo?
  6. What are the Unforgivable Curses?
  7. Which is Accio?
  8. What does Serpensortia do?
  9. What does Riddikulus do?
  10. Which is the Memory Charm?
  11. What is Avada Kedavra?
  12. What spell damages an opponent's eyesight?

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