Ugh! Back to school!

Back to school kidz! Wow time flies init? Well, mine does. Well anyway. Most of you, your 6 week holiday don't end until tommorow. So, I wish you good luck on your exams if you are soon taking your exams! :)

Well enjoy your school year guys. I wish you good luck on your exams when/if they're are coming up. I wish you the best scores. And remeber to take every opportunity that comes your way!

Created by: Mini_Kiss
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  1. Hi. I'm Mini_Kiss and here is my complain! :)
  2. I'm back to school!
  3. So, I'm now in Year 9. Yes, I am in Year 9. And the teachers are STRICT! I go to a really strict school. It is so strict that your NOT even allowed to run in the playground, when It's playtime. Not trolling BTW. Look It up or ask your teacher or one of your family members.
  4. My current teacher, Mr. Scott, he is probaly the second most strict teacher. If you know what I mean, If you don't do join up handwritting, your straight out the classroom. It's amazing how strict he is. And he said he's got a little daughter called: Ella. I was like in my mind: Oh my lordy pants, give me strenght! That girl must be scared to death because of her dad. Just god bless her!
  5. The most kindess teacher, Is Mrs. Lankshire! She is around her mid-to late 20's. She has 2 children. And they are twins. And they are in primary school. But, she's still strict though!
  6. So I'm doing my GCSE's in this stage. Hopefully I do well. My goal is to be a vet. To help them animals in need. But i also want to be a dentist. It's complicated right now...
  7. So... I am going to do a autobiography thing soon, so you get to know me a little better. Though, I WON'T give names of roads or schools or addresses obviously!
  8. And yeah. I think that's about it! Should we play a game before we go?
  9. Truth, Dare, Kiss or Swear? (Also look out for my quiz, Truth, dare, kiss or swear!)
  10. Truth: Admit that you fell of a step and you cried , to your friend. (Even If you didn't)
  11. Dare: I dare you to shout in the street: I'M A LADY, A VERY BEAUTIFUL LADY! OH! I LOVE GARY BARLOW INSIDE! (If your a boy, do Katie Price, and do I'M A MAN ect.)
  12. Kiss: Kiss your enemy or your crush or a random person, In school or out.
  13. Swear: Say the f word behind your teachers back.. QUIETLY! It still counts. Also you can do it to someone you hate.

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