dark love...v.1

In this quiz I will do it in the second-person style(spectator).Here are some more details about Diana(in the next v. u are still Diana)you have blue eyes,5"(ft.)2'(in.),long black hair,you know almost everything,you care about the environment,and you love to swim.

And now heres the scoop about the boys:Danny-blonde,bright green eyes,5"2',albino pale,niceish,6 pack(3 abbs both sides).Louis-dark brown hair,hazel eyes,6"0',tanish,bad-boy,12 pack.Ben-black hair,violet eyes,paleish,kind,10 pack. all of them: are hiding something,care for the environment.(you don't know a lot but you will.)

Created by: BlueWolf03
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  1. [there's a presence...no,wait...there...are...three?]RING...RING...RI-klinck.you're 16 and it is time for school NOW!!!!
  2. you get up and go downstairs to eat breakfast.what do eat?
  3. you get in the car with (mom/dad) and (she/he) says,"how are you today Diana?"how do you answer
  4. While you are driving on the road you suddenly-skreeee...because a wolf,out of no where,jumps into the road and (mom/dad) hits the brakes while turning the wheel to avoid the wolf and instead you nearly hit a tree.(mom/dad)shouts,"STUPID WOLF!!" and makes a rude gesture with there middle finger
  5. you finally get to school but it's lunch time(I'm LATE!!)you sit with your friends Lilly(*blonde, tall, blue eyes*)and her boyfriend Tristan(*blonde hair-tips blue, tanish, brown eyes, tall*)and talk when Lilly says,"look there are new kids."you turn to look and..."
  6. you see three boys all of them very very cute.boy#1 is the same height as you,with green eyes.boy#2 is tall with hazel eyes.boy#3 is taller than boy#2,and he has...are my eyes playing tricks on me...VIOLET eyes."they just moved here from Oklahoma."Tristan said.
  7. you walk over to talk to them."hi, I'm Diana.","hey Diana,I'm Danny."said boy#1,"These are Louis(boy#2)and Ben(boy#3)."you talk all through lunch and then its school time
  8. over the next few days you notice some strange things happening.for example, one day while you were in gym you cut your hand and while you were bleeding Danny just stared at your hand.and one night you wake up and hear a wolf howling you go to close your window and then you see it's a full moon;then you remember something(WHAT*I'll telling you what*)...there hasn't been a wolf in this state since 1899.and the next day you see Ben yelling at this kids, when you go over you see that a few of them are smoking and the others were herassing this injured snow goose.Ben yelled,"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!"the kids just murrmered that"its just a stupid goose.","just...a stupid goose...JUST A STUPID GOOSE!!"and then...for just a second...his eyes seemed to brighten.the kids immediatley said sorry and ran of.(I should tell Lilly about this)
  9. when you got home you called Lilly"Lilly you will not believe what happened.","what","I thought I saw Ben's eyes glow,and the night before that I heard a WOLF,Lilly,and then one day in gym when I cut myself Danny just stared at me."..."Lilly...Lilly?!","...I've got to go."
  10. CLIFFHANGER!! sorry I'll work on and finish v.2 as soon as I can over the weekend.
  11. Who do you like so far??

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