Dallas Cowboys fan?

There are some fans that would do a lot to declare they're a dallas cowboys fan, and would do a lot to prove it. They would argue about people judging them, wear their jerseys, watch their games and a lot more.

ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE FANS?!! If so prove it by taking this quiz, then if you score good go tell your friends, test them to see if you are the number one fan.

Created by: bob
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  1. How many superbowls have the dallas cowboys been to?
  2. The dallas cowboys have had 7 coaches since they were founded.
  3. Who were the dallas cowboys triplets in the 1990's?
  4. Who is the dallas cowboys current quarterback?
  5. What soda sponsors the dallas cowboys?
  6. Troy Aikman's jersey number was number 9.
  7. Who was the first dallas cowboys quarterback ever?
  8. What number does Terrel Owens wear?
  9. Who is the dallas cowboys owner?
  10. How well do you think you did on this quiz?

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