How well do you know the Dallas Cowboys?

This quiz is for people who know the Dallas Cowboys!!! They eat, sleep, and dream COWBOYS!!!!! No matter how the Cowboys do from year to year you still love them and allways will!!!!

This is a quiz to find out if you are a TRUE COWBOYS fan! Since the Cowboys are Americas Team then this quiz applies to everybody not just Texans.....Do you think you can do it? I do!!!

Created by: Tammy
  1. What conference were the Cowboys in in 1960?
  2. How many years was Tom Landry the head coach?
  3. Who was the Cowboys first round draft pick in 1991?
  4. What year did Tom Landry pass away?
  5. What Cowboy holds the record for most rushing touchdowns an a career?
  6. Who was the the Cowboys first ever NFL draft pick?
  7. What year did they break ground on Texas Stadium?
  8. What year did Jerry Jones buy the Cowboys?
  9. Who was the Super Bowl XXVII MVP?
  10. Do the Cowboy retire jersey numbers?
  11. Where is Dexter Coakley from?
  12. How many head coaches have the Cowboys had?
  13. What was Don Merediths nickname?
  14. What year did Bill Bates earn Special Teams player of the year?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Dallas Cowboys?