Are you truly a Dallas Cowboys fan

There are many fans of the Dallas Cowboys. There are amazing fans, great fans, ok fans, and bad fans. There are many fans who say they are but they have not a clue about the Dallas Cowboys history.

ARE YOU AN AMAZING FAN. If you prove it by taking this quiz. But I warn you this is a very very hard quiz if you do choose to take it then Best of Luck to you.

Created by: Bob
  1. What is the Dallas Cowboys all time record.(W-L-T)
  2. What teams did the dallas Cowboys lose to in the Super Bowl.
  3. How many coaches have the Dallas Cowboys had in there entire history.
  4. What year did the Dallas Cowboys start.
  5. How many years passed after the Dallas Texans became the Dallas Cowboys
  6. Back then what was the 5th team in the Dallas Cowboys divison
  7. What divison are the Dallas Cowboys in
  8. What was Tom Landry's Super Bowl Record.
  9. What is Roger Staubach's Quarter Back Rating.
  10. What team is the 2nd best franchise in NFL history
  11. Do good do you think you did on this quiz.

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Quiz topic: Am I truly a Dallas Cowboys fan