How Dallas Are You?

A proud true Dallasite is a sight to behold. Are you ready for the challenge? Just how Dallas are you? Just how Dallas are you not? Is this a pointless test? Take it and find out for yourself!

Take this quiz to see how "Big D" (Dallas) you are! You may be surprised to see the answer, you may even let new thought waft over the ether beyond the Red River!

Created by: Jaime Martinez del Rio
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  1. What is "chilly" in Dallas weather terms?
  2. What is Fort Worth?
  3. What is a Jackalope?
  4. What is the West Village?
  5. Where can you eat "Fried Coke"?
  6. When you see a traffic light turning from green to amber, you....
  7. A huge fake blonde hairdo helps you achieve the following:
  8. The Galleria is...
  9. Complete this phrase: "Tony Romo.."
  10. Do you speak like a Yankee?

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Quiz topic: How Dallas am I?