who knows the dallas cowboys?

there are many people who know the dallas cowboys, but few are true die hard fans. what is a die hard fan? someone who has followed them from day one, or pretty close to it. who knows and extraordinarily large amount about EVER thing cowboys and see the world through an entirely cowboys point of view!

are you a cowboy? have you been so devoted to them you almost know them personally? untill now you could only wonder. but thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: jackie of this site
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  1. What was the Dallas Cowboys' record during their first season?
  2. What Dallas Cowboys running back set an NFL record with a 99 yard touchdown run against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football?
  3. What was the Dallas Cowboys' record during their first season? In which stadium did the Cowboys play their home games from 1960-1970
  4. Who was the first coach of the Cowboys?
  5. How Many SuperBowls Have the Cowboys won?
  6. Who wears Jersey Number 54?
  7. What was the Dallas Cowboys' record during their first season? Who's first round draft pick do the Dallas Cowboys have in 2008?
  8. Who is Tony Romo's Back up for the 07 season?
  9. What team did Dallas lose to twice in a Superbowl matchup?
  10. Against what team did Tony Romo commit the infamous bobbled snap in the 2007 playoffs?
  11. Who is the current Head Coach of the Cowboys?
  12. Who is the current offensive coordinator for the Cowboys?
  13. Roger Staubach was number ___?
  14. Emmitt Smith wore what number?
  15. The 'horse collar' rule is more commonly know to Cowboys fans as what?
  16. what team did michael irvin suffer his career ending injury against?
  17. Who did Emmitt Smith break the all time rushing record against?
  18. What is the name of the Cowboys mascot?
  19. what college did emmitt smith attend?
  20. Who is the Cowboys longest tenured coach?
  21. Who coined the phrase, "How Bout Them Cowboys!"?
  22. Who tackled Terrell Owens on the Dallas Star when he was show boating?
  23. What was the Dallas Cowboys' record during their first season? Which Player is NOT in the ring of honor?
  24. What did Terrell Owens do with the football after scoring his touchdown on Thanksgiving Day in the 2006 season?
  25. How many touchdowns did Tony Romo have in the Thanksgiving Day game in 2006?
  26. What team was Dallas Playing when Emmitt Smith broke his hand in the opponents facemask while running for a touchdown?
  27. In what Super bowl did Dallas defeat the Bills 52-17?
  28. When did Dallas play their first ever football game?
  29. Who was the Cowboys third coach ('94-'97)?

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