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  • This quiz is very inaccurate! Cowboys have had 8 Head coaches so far! Troy Aikman's jersey is #8 -.- &&a mp;amp; the boys have gone to 8 superbowls!! (5-3)

  • Your Result: You are 90% dallas cowboys fan. 77%

    You really really like the dallas cowboys, you hate it when people get judge them. You get really mad when they lose, you watch almost all of their games and probably wear their jersey 85% of the time.

    77% You are 100% dallas cowboys fan.
    75% You are 75% dallas cowboys fan.
    69% You are 50% dallas cowboys fan.
    66% You are 40% dallas cowboys fan.
    64% You are 20% a dallas cowboys fan.
    62% You are 30% dallas cowboys fan.


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