CreepyPasta Love story part 4

hi so in the next quiz its going to be christmas themed and a little more of you background. Hope you enjoy and if you can go.......bye!!

So I put my hands upThey're playing my song, the butterflies fly awayI'm noddin' my head like, 'yeah'Movin' my hips like, 'yeah'Got my hands up, they're playing my songThey know I'm gonna be okayYeah, it's a party in the U.S.A

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!"Lazzarri I need to talk to you." Slenderman lead Lazzarri out of the house. Sally played dolls with you in the Lonungeroom. "One two three four I declare a thunbwar!" Ben and Toby were on the couch. "Look! Psyko's behind you!" "WHERE!" Ben said turninbg around. "Owch! sonovab----!" Toby won. You put the doll down and smiled.
  2. Slenderman came in with Lazzarri who was 12 years old instead of seven. Her once brown hair was pink and there was horns on her head she was crying trying to hold down he dress. "Take care of this." Slendy said stalking out of the room. "What's wrong not so ity bity Lazzarri?" Jack came into the room. Lazzari's eyes lit up. "Hi jack" "I am not doing this!" he shouted slamming the door. "Don't worry Jacks and asse I'll fix ya up." you said grabbing her hand. You had a green jumper and jeans from one of you victims. You sat and braided her hair. "There's something else" she said quietly. "Lazzari! us girls need ta stick ta gethar! I'm ya olda sista!" she smiled. She whispered it in your ear. You jumped up and went to the draw and pulled out some pads and tampons. "Thes are ya friends in shark week!" you explained and she went red. "Don't chya worry! I'm here for ya demon kid!" She smiled and the colour faded.
  3. She went to the loungeroom but she was rocking back and forth. "Im a monster Im a monster" "Laz?" she started puking black. She looked at you her eyes fully red and she leapt. You pulled out your knife to defend yourself. Surrender walked in. He used his tentacles to hold her back. Jeff walked in.
  4. You grabbed his hand and sprinted outside. "She needs to eat!" you found a camp. There was one person there you both dragged her to the house. Slendy was there. "Surrender let her go!" Lazzarri pounced and ate the human. You couldnt look.
  5. Lazzarri was back to normal within the hour. "Psyko can I talk to you?" You turned around it was Jack. "sure!" you said getting up. Jack pulled you in the hall way and kissed you.
  6. I wanted to get this before the misteltoe goes up. "M-misteltoe?" yeah Christmas is next week?" you passed out
  7. Imma stop it here
  8. OK
  9. well next quiz is christmas
  10. chance

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