Could you survive Total Drama?

The boats boom in the water, as it makes its way onto a mysterious island, were you and your team compete, for a million dollars, and only one winner will succeed into victory! Tactics, skills, do you have it?

There is only one true winner in Total Drama. Are you a winner? First person voted off? Finalist? Find out if you could handle the complete drama. Do you have what it takes to win the million?

Created by: Nyan

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  1. You arrive off a boat to a whole new island. And you want to make sure to win at all costs. So you decide to team. Which person do you choose?
  2. Chris had told you that throughout the island, there are deadly booby traps. And the mission is to run through the whole forest, without getting affected by one. How do you go?
  3. Your team member has told you they know the whole way through. Do you trust him?
  4. One of your team mates is stuck in a trap. You look, and see a knife to cut the rope. But, it is covered in a circle of rope. Obvious trick. But you can probably snatch in in time.
  5. On that mission, a giant bear popped out from the bushes!
  6. the other team managed to make it back before yours. Now its elimination. Who do you vote off?
  7. The next day, you hear the other team plotting to each on each round. Trapping each clueless member of your team. They soon see you, and say if you tell, they will vote you off no matter what. Even if its not logical at all.
  8. At night, a wolf sneaks in through the cabin, while somebody in your team left the door open...
  9. On the next challenge, your teammate pushed you out of the old rusty boat in the river. Scared and disappointed, you start doing what?
  10. tired, to your team remains a failure again. And your so called teammate blames it on you. Well, the whole team is upset.
  11. In the end, it was only you and her with the last marshmellow. You were extremely nervous. But she was confident. And gave you a smirk across the camp site. In the end, you find out you have been voted off, but only because she rigged the voting system. But rules are rules, and you are voted off.

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