Could you survive a terrorist invasion?

There are quite a few people who can survive a terrorist attack.So do you have the guts to take on the terrorists and eliminate their fear from your mind so check this quiz out.boom!boom!boom!boom!

So do you have the power to take on evil people .Do check this and get to know whether you are a true militia man and you can eliminate the bad and save the good?

Created by: Rebant

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  1. You hear loud voices outside what would be your instant thought?
  2. A terrorist open fires at your home.What would be your response?
  3. Are you afraid of death?
  4. Which weapon would you like to own for your safety?
  5. Do you like violence?
  6. The same killing spree is going on.The terrorist have taken some hostages.What are you gonna do now?
  7. Do you think the terrorist are no match for anti-terrorist squads?
  8. The encounter has ended.But one of your family members was killed.Would you like to take revenge?
  9. Which of these do you think is the most dangerous country due to its presence of terrorist?
  10. Do you think terrorist have kindness in them?
  11. Do you think you survived the invasion?

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