Who Said It? (D Rep. Jack Murtha or Al Qaeda's #2 terrorist Ayman

This is a simple quiz to test your knowledge of al Qaeda and the liberal left (but I repeat myself). The quiz is multiple-choice, so your chances of getting each answer right or wrong is 50%. I've made it pretty simple for you. After reading the quote, simply choose who you think said it!

So, do YOU know the differences (or should I say "Similarities") between Democratic Representative Jack Murtha and al Qaeda's No. 2 terrorist, Ayman al-Zawahiri? This test was taken from "The Limbaugh Letter".

Created by: Taylor

  1. "A fact that Bush, Rice, and Rumsfeld conceal from [the American public] is that there is no way out of Iraq, other than immediate withdrawal, and that any delay in making this decision means nothing but more dead and casualties."
  2. "[The] forces in Iraq and Afghanistan...are doomed to defeat."
  3. "They know militarily they can't win this."
  4. "I said more than a year ago that the Americans' departure from Iraq is only a matter of time."
  5. "All of Iraq must know that Iraq is free; free from a United States occupation."
  6. "The U.S. cannot accomplish anything further in Iraq militarily."
  7. "I call upon every reasonable American...to conduct a personal soul-searching, and to ask himself several questions: Are we really calling for freedom, justice, equality, human rights, environmental preservation, and an end to the killing, the destruction
  8. "[The U.S. Army is] broken, worn out...[and] living hand to mouth."
  9. "I say to [George Bush]:...you were lying when you entered Iraq, you are lying when you are being defeated in Iraq, and you will be lying when you leave Iraq. You entered Iraq under the pretext of WMDs [and] you are being defeated in Iraq under the pretex
  10. "[T]he President said a lot of things, and they turned out not to be true. The President said there are weapons of mass destruction. The President said oil would pay for it."
  11. "There was no terrorism in Iraq before [the U.S.] went in, and now it's the heart bed [sic] of terrorism."
  12. "[T]hat [President Bush] has eradicated half of al Qaeda or three quarters of al Qaeda -- it's all nonsense that exists only in his head...al Qaeda is spreading, growing, and becoming stronger."
  13. "[An Iraqi] taxi drives up, [the U.S. soldiers] kill everybody in the taxi and then they go into homes and pull the people out. And the stories keep getting worse and worse...And then they try to cover it up saying they were killed by an IED to confuse th
  14. "The time has come when 80 percent of the Iraqi people are saying that they want [America] out of there...it's justified to kill Americans."
  15. "America and its...allies have not accoplished a thing -- except for throwing [the] army into the battlefield to...have...soldiers killed on a daily basis."
  16. "[W]hat progress has been made?...[S]ewage all over the streets, water, only one hour a day do they get water [in Iraq]."
  17. "Staying in Iraq is not an option [for the U.S.] politically, militarily, or fiscally."

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