Would you survive a terrorist invasion on your city?

Ever wondered what would happen to you if terrorists came into your city, started blowing the crap out of everything, and then came for you? Ever wondered if you would be able to fight back? Well now you can find out thanks to this quiz!

get ready for some intense situations and pretty tough choices to make. I've tried to make each situation realistic and imaginable. I hope you enjoy, so you too can be prepared for those terrorists! Knock them dead!

Created by: Jade
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  1. Its 3 in the morining, and suddenly, yo hear gunshots from the floor below your apartment. You are scared, and get up out of bed. You turn on the light and you still hear guns, screams, and banging around. Suddenly, gunshots come from the streets. What do
  2. You are in the street, and terrorists are having a shooting with local police. The police are greatly outnumbered, 5 to 1. You have your gun, but it only has a few bullets left in it. You also see that across the road is a parking lot where your car is. W
  3. You have stolen a car about 6 hours after a terrorist attack, and now you must find a safe place to hide. you have no weapons, food, or supplies. Where do you go?
  4. You are with some 3 other survivors, and you are all taking shelter at a restaurant. One survivor thinks everyone should just find a safe place in the restaurant, and hide there. Another thinks everyone should eat and drink, then pack up some food and imp
  5. The National Guard arrives in the city and starts kicking all the terrorists a**es. You are all alone. You have your car with you, but its low on gas. Its about a mile and a half to the nearest Military outpost, but you do have a gun with about 2 full cli
  6. You wake up tied to a chair. You are in a small, dimly lit room with one other man, about 18, who is knocked out. 2 Terrorist soldiers are outside the room drinkng, and half awake. You have a chance to escape. What do you do?
  7. Two terrosts are walking down the road. You are hiding behind a wall, and have a shotgun with 6 shells left. What do you do?
  8. At a safe haven of the city, by a post office, a cop gives you a gun. He says its for your own protection, but you've never handled a gun before. What do you do?
  9. You have survived the whole thing. Killed enemies, beaten people down, fought alongside police....you've done it all. Now, the Military is coming, and the border of town is right there. You can run there, and be free, escape the city and get the heck outt
  10. You are trapped behind a car with 2 other survivors, and you have a pistol, so does another man, but one woman has an assault rifle. Terrorists have you pinned down. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Would you survive a terrorist invasion on my city?